Examining, touching and sharing models is often the key to conveying an idea.  It has become cost effective to do concept models much earlier in the project development cycle.  And these models can be easily modified, saving time and money.  

pencilholderDSC 0630 

Personalized products make great gifts or rewards.  Prints that are unique can differentiate and endear the giver.   Proxima 3D can take your idea, help you develop it and build it.  Alternatively you can choose from on-line file-sharing sites and select a print for us to build.  

tajmajalDSC 0626 Edit Models that convey new ideas or memorialize existing ones.     



The key to quality 3D printing is a CAD rendering of the desired print.  Files can be customer-generated, Proxima 3D-generated, or the result of a scan.   We can work with anything from a sketch to a finished file to make your ideas a 3-dimensional reality.  

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