Applications abound.  If it’s low volume/high value and you can generate a 3D CAD file, it’s a candidate.


Some of the uses for Additive Manufacturing /3D Printing:

  • Aeronautical Parts - - can be lighter because they don’t have to be solid, yet can retain structural properties
  • Architecture/Urban design - - models require special care to get to scale, but can be changed and rebuilt easily once developed.
  • Artwork - - In plastic, metal, ceramic, precious metals.  Digital art is an exploding method of creative expression, not only in 2D but now 3D as well.
  • Automobiles/Race cars - - design cycles are reduced dramatically as set up times are shortened, tooling is easier to build, and modifications are easier.
  • Building and Construction - - layout components, model topography, anticipate issues.
  • Dental applications - - crowns, restorations, orthodonture
  • Fashion - - Shoes, dresses, hats, bathing suits. 
  • Figurines/Statuettes - - from scans, from pictures, and from digital input
  • Fixtures - - the cost to make a fixture is reduced.  They don’t require special tooling, but rather are built from CAD files.
  • Food – Chocolate, cakes and countless other edible products
  • Hearing aid molds
  • Interior Design - - models of layouts, fixtures, furniture. 
  • Injection Mold Models - - make the “hob” and then use it to create the mold.
  • Houses - full-size, habitable houses are being built in many countries, solving a chronic need to provide shelter.
  • Jewelry - - wax castings can be made with 3D printing techniques and final products from precious metals.  More powerful software facilitates creative designs
  • Medical – Models from images on which surgery can be planned.  Human tissue is now being used in AM processes.  Work is being done on replacement organs.
  • Musical Instruments – guitars, flutes, and others
  • Production Parts - - declining costs to develop and build 3D printed parts expand the range of parts that can be economically built for small and modest production runs.
  • Repair parts - - the need to build repair parts to inventory is being reduced as replacements can be made to order.  Also, some parts that otherwise would have to be completely replaced can be repaired with 3D printing techniques.
  • Tools - - Generally built in small quantities, tools and fixtures are the ideal applications for 3D printing.
  • Visualization specialties - - models, visual aids, exhibits, concept prototypes, all are made more cost effective through the use of 3D printing.

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