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Case Studies - - 3D Printing

Here are some experiences that users have had with 3D printing.

Nordic Consulting Group headquartered in Copenhagen

Challenge – Finding the best way to convey civil engineering visions to prospective clients, established customers and engineers throughout the 4,000-person company

Solution – Full-color 3D prints to produce engineering models

Results –

• Model production at less than one third the cost of handmade models

• Dramatic time savings that increase with the complexity of the model

• New business acquisition

• Increase in efficiency and accuracy

“There’s just something about a 3D model that stirs the passions in ways that a blueprint or computer file just can’t...3D printing has become a distinct competitive advantage for us, and ultimately, a tool that significantly benefits our customers.”

Gita Monshizadeh, CAD Development Manager, Ramboll Transport and Infrastructure Division


Stanley Black & Decker – Leading global manufacturer of power tools, hardware, home improvement products, fasteners, and accessories with more than $11 billion in annual sales

Challenge – Need for fast, cost effective production of early concept models

Solution – 3D printed models

Results - Shorter design cycles, improved product aesthetics and ergonomics

“While a design may look good on the computer screen, there is really no substitute for actually holding something in your hand. …we have been able to reduce model production time by as much as 75 percent in some cases.”

John Reed
Master Prototype Specialist
Black & Decker

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