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Proxima 3D can help you take advantage of the rapidly expanding technology associated with 3D printing.  From the concept to realization, we can help you develop the idea, generate buildable files, build your “3D print” and provide finishes that are appropriate to your needs. 

K&M Printing is our partner.  A 3D printing capability complements K&M’s broad range of 2D print offerings.  Proxima 3D extends K&M’s commitment to providing customers with the latest technology and expertise born of years of dedication to the print industry.   More importantly, we share a fundamental belief that our success is driven by the successes of our customers.  They expect and receive access to technology, expertise and customer care that make a significant contribution to their ability to differentiate themselves from their competition.

About Us

We are a 3D printing/additive manufacturing (AM) company that specializes in concept prototypes, models, visual aids, exhibit pieces and similar 3-dimensional communications tools.


Join our Meetup: 3D Printing for Business

Proxima 3D Meetup

We discuss issues and opportunities associated with 3D printing.  Our focus is existing and potential applications for our businesses.  We meet the second Tuesday of each month in and around Schaumburg.  Please follow the link above to get involved.


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